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The finest
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Aguaje Oil 

For centuries, Peruvian women have traditionally used Aguaje Oil to restore and refine their skin.  Incorporate this unique beauty oil into your daily routine to get the full benefit of its essential nutrients (including vitamin A & E) to hydrate, soften and smooth your skin.


Nature's Gift

Our new Air-Free bottle offers easier dispensing along with increased shelf life after first use!

Premium Natural Beauty

Our unique oil is extracted from the fruit of the large Moriche Palm flourishing in the wetlands of the Amazon. The fruit is carefully harvested at prime, and only the finest are hand-selected for oil production.  A Peruvian women’s co-operative uses a traditional, chemical-free method to extract the oil from the mesocarp, attaining the highest purity and potency.


Instead of pressing, a Peruvian women’s co-operative uses a traditional chemical-free method to extract the oil from the mesocarp attaining the highest purity and potency. Explore our sustainable Aguaje Oil production process and what brings what Peruvian locals call "liquid sunshine" to you.

Product Overview

Orange in colour with an earthy aroma, this superfruit exhibits the highest concentration of Vitamin A from beta-carotene (5 times more than carrots), Vitamin E (25 times more than in avocados), and Oleic Acid, and other nutrients. Aguaje Oil contains natural emollient properties as well as antioxidants.

The very important designation of the Aguaje Palm as The Tree of Life, made by Alexander Von Humboldt in the early 1800s, reflects the important role it plays not only in human health but also in the protection of the environment as a whole.

Assists in cell renewal and collagen production

Complements pre and after sun care products





acne damaged



fine lines and wrinkles


dry or flaky


Lessens the appearance of blemishes

Purchase and

add to your

daily regime


Naturally Containing

  • Vitamin A (β Carotene): 33mg/100g

  • Vitamin E (α Tocopherol): 68mg/100g

  • Oleic Acid (Omega-9): 71%

  • Linoleic Acid (Omega-6): 7%

  • Linolenic Acid (Omega-3) 1%

Cadi M.

“This is my daily moisturizer! It leaves my skin with a glow and keeps my skin supple all day! I love that it tans your skin, giving a sunk kissed glow as well blends nicely with my fair skin. Any skin tone can use this stuff! It is an oil, but absorbs leaving a non greasy feel. It’s every woman over 40 “must have” in their beauty cabinet."

Kathryn V.

“I love this oil! Short term the beta carotene in it gives your skin a healthy subtle glow and long term the naturally occurring retinol eases fine lines and wrinkles. I especially notice a difference around my lips. This oil has a lovely glide, is a pleasure to apply and gets wonderful results! Thanks for importing this Peruvian beauty secret : )"

Stefanie M.

“I have some acne damage on my face. Aguaje Oil works amazing. I am guessing the vitamin A in the product is whats rejuvenating my skin."
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