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Dragon's Blood

Dragon’s Blood is traditionally used on damaged skin including (but not limited to) cold sores, acne, cuts, scrapes and bug bites.*  Our full strength ingredient is 100% pure and potent for maximal assistance. The Croton Lechleri tree provides a canopy for many species to flourish underneath both in the jungle and at our sustainable and responsible source.

Nature's Gift

Our traditional glass dropper bottle with glass pipette bamboo accents!


Premium Natural Resin

The Croton Lechleri tree provides a canopy and light shelter for other species to grow underneath not just in the jungle but at our source of our Dragon’s Blood. 

Croton Lechleri

Croton Lechleri is a broadleaf tree native to Central and South America. The genus Croton is a large one, with 750 species of trees and shrubs distributed across the tropical and subtropical regions of both hemispheres. Crotons are rich in active alkaloids, and several species are well-known medicinal plants used as purgatives and tonics. The Croton Lechleri tree provides a canopy and light shelter for other species to grow underneath not just in the jungle but at our source of our Dragon’s Blood.


Product Overview


  • Naturally occurring taspines


The following are traditionally common uses for dragon's blood and suggested to use with aloe vera for insect or spider bites.





Insect bites


Spider bites



This Hello Rainforest product is for external use only unless otherwise indicated. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, and it should not be used by anyone who is pregnant or under the care of a medical practitioner. 


Product Testimonials

"I am life time sufferer of cold-sores, and always searching for something that will work. I’ve tried it all. This is HANDS DOWN THE BEST PRODUCT I have ever used. I have found for best results, it is best to apply it the moment you feel that tingle on your lip like a cold sore is coming, if you are able to catch it early the cold sore won’t even come out. I can’t even believe something works this well and EVERY single time. I use the dropper right on the affected area, but be aware it can stain your clothes or towel or counter. You can also rub it until it turns to more of a paste then apply.
This is worth every penny!" ~ Melissa M. 

Verfied User

Dragonsblood works great on cuts and scrapes. My daughter wiped out on her bike and got some nasty road rash on her shoulder. It was crusted with light scabs and where there was no scabbing there was red inflamed skin. I rubbed dragonsblood all over her shoulder and in the morning after she washed it off all the red inflamed skin was calm and a lot of the light scabbing had fallen off and was calm as well. This was just overnight, I was so impressed. Since then I have used it on numerous cuts and abrasions with amazing results. I highly recommend!

Zane G.

Works great, have never used anything like this before. I have never been a fan of use bandages but for many cuts I really don’t need to now, this works so quickly and seamlessly. A couple drops on a cut and it fills in, seals it, dries and accelerates the healing. No maintenance required. I have a friend who used it successfully on skin tags, small cuts on corners of lips that take forever to heal on their own, as well as tender minor burns. A bottle lasts a very long time, since just a couple drops goes so far. A really awesome tool to have around the house!

Candice M.

Ok so this magic stuff worked so well for my 6 yr olds face!!
He had this habit of licking his face🙈 like Tongue out constantly Licking around his lips so bad he looked like a clown!
Put a dropper of this amazing stuff in the palm of my hand mixed with a lil bit of water and rubbed it on the affected area. Boom with in three to four days he stopped licking because of the taste but also it HEALED the red red rash he had created!! I’ve tried EVERYTHING before this!! I really can’t say how much I appreciated having this on hand, for so many different Applications. Like a first aid kit ALL in a lil bottle
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